What Does Google Mini Do?

Since the launch of Google Mini, Google has introduced a new product that combines the efficiency of its regular search engine with some additional features. With the introduction of Google Mini, Google made a debut to the smaller, more convenient size of search engines. Google Mini searches for similar terms as Google Search Engine and Bing Search Engine.

However, unlike regular Google Search Engine, Google Mini is not directly competing with it. Google Mini works as a “complementary product” to Google Search Engine. Google Mini has been built upon the Google Content Network’s previous achievements – it can display related links and facts to a search query, and can provide a quick preview of the information provided by a search engine. Google claims that users will experience the most natural browsing experience with this mini search engine. Users can simply highlight the keywords they want to search and Google will bring up the most relevant results.

Unlike regular search engines like Google Search Engine, Google Mini does not have a direct link to other web sites. Google does not show sponsored links in Mini searches and does not limit the number of keyword searches that can be conducted in a single session. Google also claims that this feature offers the user an “unbiased” search experience. Google claims that users are more likely to access and utilize its paid advertising programs if they are presented with more relevant advertising. Google does not appear in the search results using the standard criteria of web search engines.

Google’s partnership with Yahoo! Answers is an additional service which Google has integrated into its offering. Through this partnership, Yahoo! Answers are able to offer instant results based on user searches, provided the questions asked are relevant and the user has opted in to be answer tracked. This new service is a strategic move by Google, who wants to ensure that it’s presence as a search engine still has not been diluted by the appearance of other web search engines on the desktop web browser.

Similar to how Google does business in offering search results tailored to specific queries, Google Mini seeks to provide a similar experience to the user seeking information via the web. With a search engine like Google, the user enters a question (or set of questions) and the search engine directs the query to a relevant page or subpage. Google’s Mini is very similar. Users simply enter a search term or set of queries and the search engine brings up the most relevant page (based on the query) and directs the user to that page. Google does not attempt to generate revenue off of the resulting pages.

Unlike regular search engines, Google Mini does not use cookies or other types of tracking to determine which web pages a user loads. Thus, Google Mini is not affiliated with, or launched through, any ad networks. Google Mini is designed to provide a search engine friendly experience for users. Google does not limit the number of queries that can be made per day and does not use other tracking methods to determine which web pages are visited.

As with regular search results, Google Mini offers users the ability to skip to the next page when they are not satisfied with the search results presented. Google provides the user with a ranking based on how many times the page has been clicked (even if the user has not searched for the keyword being displayed). Google does this by providing search results where the most relevant search results are shown. This ranking system is different from the one offered on regular Google search results. This ranking system offers a better return on users’ time and provides a better user experience. Google Mini also offers a unique feature wherein search results are presented side-by-side.

Like regular search engines, Google Mini offers a way for users to access and navigate the web site without having to leave the page where they have been directed. This offers a better user experience, as the user is able to easily locate specific information or conduct more targeted searches. Google’s what does google mini do more overall benefits to the online industry, which can be seen by how Google, Yahoo, and Bing have all incorporated mini features into their search engine optimization programs.

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