Have you ever seen anything that’s more festive then these easy.

Have you ever seen anything that’s more festive then these easy, standout trees for your Christmas menu this year? I am delighted to share this festive recipe in collaboration with @albert_bartlett

I love to cook and this Christmas I really want to make something extra special and be creative. They are crispy, moorish and a great way to make roast potatoes stand out. The potatoes are finished with a fresh lemon and herb gremolata.

Serving: 4: (1 medium potato per person)

-5 Albert Bartlett potatoes, washed and thinly 1cm sliced widthways.
-Seasoning: 1 tsp of salt, pepper,
-3 garlic cloves minced
-1 stem of rosemary
-3-4 tbsp. of olive oil.

Gremolata recipe:
-35 grams/small bunch of parsley and basil. (Mint optional)
-2 garlic cloves
-1 lemon; juice and zest
-1 green chilli (optional for heat)
-4 tbsp of olive oil.
-1 tsp of salt and pepper to season.
-5 cocktail sticks for the potatoes.

Method for Gremolata:
-Add all ingredients to a food blender.
-Check consistency and add some more oil if too thick.

For the potatoes:
-Wash and slice the potatoes. Parboil for 5 minutes. Drain and cool down.
-In an over dish, spread the potatoes and drizzle with oil, salt pepper, and add the rosemary and minced garlic.
-Coat and mix well.
-Place in oven 200Β°C/fan and cook for 10 minutes.
-The potatoes will be slightly golden. Carefully assemble the potatoes from large to small at the top, held by a cocktail stick.
-Continue this with all the potatoes and make 4 trees.
-Drizzle with some olive oil for a crispy edge and cook for a further 10-15 minutes until golden brown.
-Once cooked, drizzle with the gremolata, lemon zest, and fresh herbs.

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